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Karshapana 1 Must be Early Sunga / Late Maurya Coin

Karshapana 1 Must be Early Sunga / Late Maurya Coin

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Category Ancient India Coin

Currency Karshapana

Denomination? 1 Karshapana

Type????? Definative

Name Sunga Dynasty

Mint????? Unknown

Grade System??? Self Graded

Grade?? Extremely Fine-40

Obverse Elephant to right ,Indradhvaja in front, swastika seen clearly above elephant?????

Reverse three ring hill above hollow cross, three armed fenced tree

RIM worn

Weight 2.91 mm

Shape?? Square

Dia 15 X 16 mm

Metal Copper

Approx Year 200-75 BC


Krause Ref

Remarks Must be early Sunga or Early Maurya since medallion oriention is back to back as compared to others which are 90 degrees

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