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Sunga Dynasty 1 Karshapana Coin - Amazing Condition

Sunga Dynasty 1 Karshapana Coin - Amazing Condition

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?Category Ancient India Coin

Currency Karshapana

Denomination? 1 Karshapana

Type????? Definative

Name Sunga Dynasty

Mint????? Unknown

Grade System??? Self Graded

Grade?? Extermely Fine-45

Obverse Elephant to right on railing ,swastika at left bottom???????

Reverse Hollow cross at left bottom, three round hill above Cross, fenced tree in 4 box seen on right

RIM worn

Weight 3.89 mm

Shape?? Square

Dia 14.5X14.2 mm

Metal Copper

Approx Year 200-75 BC


Krause Ref

Remarks AMAZING CONDITION. Weight may be down from 3 Gr due to wear

SKU No.: AIC-1010


Not for sale outside India


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