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1 Stater Rajaraja I Chola Dynasty Coin

1 Stater Rajaraja I Chola Dynasty Coin

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Category Ancient India Coin

Currency Stater

Denomination  1 Stater

Type      Definative

Name RajaRaja Chola Dynasty

Mint      Unknown

Grade System    Self Graded

Grade   Fine 15

Obverse Stylized figures dancing around the King standing and holding a torch. 4 spheres under a crescent on the right.    

Reverse The King on the throne. Nagari lettering.

RIM Plain

Weight 4.17 mm

Shape   Round

Dia 18.5 mm

Metal Copper

Approx Year 985-1014


Krause Ref

Remarks This coin was issued under Rajaraja I, emperor of the Chola dynasty from
 985-1014 AD. The coin is often called "Octopus Man" because of it's
appearance of tentacles.

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