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1 Stater Lohara Dynasty Harsha Deva Coin

1 Stater Lohara Dynasty Harsha Deva Coin

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Category Ancient India Coin

Currency Stater

Denomination? 1 Stater

Type????? Definative

Name Lohara Dynasty Harsha Deva

Mint????? Unknown

Grade System??? Self Graded

Grade?? Extermely Fine-45

Obverse Enthroned Ardoxsho facing, King's name Nagari Legend both sides?????????

Reverse Possible King? Standing

RIM Plain

Weight 5.49 mm

Shape?? Round

Dia 17 mm

Metal Copper

Approx Year 1089-1101


Krause Ref

Remarks Good investment already trippled in my lifetime

SKU No.: AIC-1005


Not for sale outside India


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