Should I invest in Precious Metals in India

Should I invest in Precious Metals in India

Friends today lets talk about the third way to make money easily sitting at home

I'm lazy so this is the way I like to do it it

What are precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, palladium

Internationally, they are in 2 types coins and tokens

In India, they have both been bunched together

The tokens are basically any pressed shape which may have a nice design, curio whatever on it with the mint and the purity value

Krugerrand without face value
The coin is the same but it also has a printed monetary value
Australian Kangaroo Coin

Coins are basically you Australian Kangaroo , your maple leaf Canadian , and I believe the new kid on the block is the panda series, golden panda series

I do not like to invest in coins, for a simple reason is that the law regarding coins in India is quite greyish

I do invest in tokens

Now, why do I invest in them, gold of course Indians love gold, you can see that, its always going to go up but not anymore in geometrical proportions.

Platinum was very popular when the catalytic convertor issue was in great demand but after Volkswagen , the emissions, the electric cars the useage started going down

In contrast Platinum has slowly started catching up as a jewellery medium as it became cheaper since it replaces white gold.

White gold is gold coated with rodium which wears off after some time but Platinum, being Platinum being inherently very whitish in colour gives a good contrast to gold and is used for jewellery

So, you are going to see a slight rise in Platinum, since its used also in a lot of electronics

Palladium unfortunately is very difficult to get hold off in India, I have still not managed to find a supplier

Silver is my favourite

Why is it so ?

Every Electric car uses approx 20 gms of Silver

Last years total production of the world was 25,000 tonnes, you do the math

So it has to go up, simple math

Now, the fun part , the curio part, a while ago, I bought this Radha Krishna for a friend of mine , its a gift

In about 4 months or so, in the period before Ive given it its already gained 20% in value

In my opinion Im sure its going to make that kind of money for my friend also

Another example, as I explained earlier my wife is from a Sikh family so a while ago I got her this guru nanak , about 50 gms I think it is but there was a massive premium on it

I asked the shop keeper, why am I paying such a high premium?

He told me its because we dont classify these kind of tokens as a silver token, we classify it as a collectible

If you see the packaging  and all the bells and whistles, yes it is a collectible So, I bought it for her and put it away , Im sure its going to make her money


Mickey Mouse Silver Token

What I enjoyed , personally, is this Mickey Mouse token

Now this Mickey Mouse Token , its got a nice shape, its official If you turn it around, its got the purity on it, I believe it comes in a series

I am the kind of person who does not go out and put money down on the table and buy a whole series at a time

I buy one coin at a time, its an achievement so everytime I save a couple of thousand rupees, I add one more token

I save another couple of thousand , another token,  and then when its all together it becomes geometrically more valuable

The new part is I have just learnt that they have come up with the avenger series

Oh Wow ! more fun

The point is, these things will eventually make you money

What I do regret is that I could not buy the millennium falcon series from the New Zealand Mint

As I said the Indian Laws about tokens , coins from abroad are a bit grey but, thats life

I do keep investing in small amounts , Ive put together all these kind of silver curios and its fun, so my advice to you is, go out there, have fun

Buy things even if its jewellery even though that comes at a premium and always buy things which speak to you

Never ever buy things for the mercenary method because they may or may not make money

In the end, its quite easy to make the money , relax enjoy yourself

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