Ram Durbar Coins , Are they Genuine ? Are they worth Crores

Ram Durbar Coins , Are they Genuine ? Are they worth Crores

Today lets talk about the Ram Durbar Coin


These are of 2 types

The first has got Ram with his congregation on both sides , these are obviously tokens but are still sold as coins

The other are a whole series of Gods, Goddesses, Hindu Gods Goddesses on one side and British legends on the other


Now I have gotten hold of a bunch of these at mind you, a hundred Rupees each to show my viewers, I have the Goddess Durga, I have the Goddess Mata Shera Wali

The Goddess Laxmi, The God Goddess Laxmi Narayan and Guru Nanak

Now a lot of my viewers have asked me are these genuine or fake ?

 Let me show you how they fail all my tests

 The first test they fail is the patina test

 Now a coin of this age and composition would give off a green patina as you can see but when I try to clean these coins and I warn my viewers please do not clean coins

 They lose in value but since these were worthless anyway I decided to clean them

When I cleaned these coins, as you can see the residue is black not greenish this means that they were coloured with either a black pigment or something like soot or could be anything like that in order to make them seem old

The second test is the age test

The Goddess Laxmi coin has got 1616 as the date on one side and 1617 as the date on the other side

The God Goddess Laxmi Narayan coin has got 1616 or 1618 I cant be sure because its very bad done and 1839 on the other side

A Complete mishmash as you can see they has perhaps taken 2 dies at random and made coins out of them so you get all these random issues

Now lets go to the third test

The third test is the British were monarchic They used their Kings, Queens  and their Emperors on the coins they did not use Gods

Why would they promote Hindu Gods, they were monotheists  the first lot that came in came as missionaries to try and convert people

It doesnt make sense

Then you have these ridiculous claims, someone claims its worth Crores another has another ridiculous claim

What scares me is that in a particular example a you tube person making this claim has 27000 plus views

That ,means at least a part of it are potential gullible people

Again we come back to the dates, if these coins were genuine it would be very surprising since it would mean that the British used the same format for their coins for more than 200+ years ,

It doesnt work that way coins are changed continuously based on either the rulers or based on updation things are always moving ahead in the coin world

Using it for 200 years does not basically make sense

Therefore as you can now see these obviously are major fakes

The iconography , the faces are so raw

Look at the face of Guru Nanak They managed to get something close to it, also in the Goddess Laxmi one but there you have the mismatch of the dates so that proves its false or fake

All in all I'd say if you have these coins , keep them you never know when they may add value , since people collect the oddest things

if you dont have them , please dont buy them , they are worthless

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