How Should I store my coins ?

How Should I store my coins ?

How do I store my coins ?

This is a question that a lot of my friends have asked me Let me share with you how I store my coins so that they don’t lose value 

Paper Folders

The first of course  is the cheapest option, that is paper folders  They are very cheap  just pick them up off Amazon which is my go to for everything  put the coin in  four staples and bobs your uncle.

Theres a slight side effect that the film is not very thick so you may get some handling scratches as time goes on. I used to store them in the rigid surf boxes earlier now you can even get these containers. I picked a whole bunch of them from Ikea at Rs 99/-   for three which is almost nothing


Plastic Capsules

 The  next type of storage for coins slightly more expensive and you dont want any more handling scratches to come on them  I use these capsules.

They are of   types the first is full plastic which again is airtight  put the coin in

Shut it tight and its as simple as that. The plus point is they display quite well, the negative is due to the round shape , they are sometimes tricky to stack


Aluminium Display Boxes

Next is one coin which I want to keep it slightly more  you know  slightly more better looking. I dont want them moving around  like these loose plastic ones will  are these aluminium coin boxes 

Once again these are airtight once you put the coin in but in a nice container nice way to display it  etc  so thats another nice its not very expensive and its good  its good  and you can keep opening the lid and keep looking at it    


Penny Tubes

The third  slightly more expensive   I think they are not available in India

They are imported so they are expensive  are what we call I think penny tubes

These are for coins which are of the same size  put them in  stuff the top with cotton put the lid 

Its completely airtight, I can hear the pop when I open it that shows you how airtight it is  very good for coins which I' m not going to look at very often The best advantage is unlike the earlier round containers , you can easily stack them


Coin Books

The last way I store my coins is coin books

Now these have a slight problem , the sheets have to be made of PVC because the other plastics like BOPP  Polyester cannot take the load of the coins especially when the pages are flipped  so traditionally even now they are made out of PVC

That is a major problems  coins which are in there get what we call "PVC poisoning".

In the 70's , my father picked up a whole bunch of these 20 paise sun and lotus coins  bought a book  put them in there. It looked beautiful

When I became a collector I realized that the coins and the book was slightly deteriorating , but I didnt pay attention

Recently  when I was going through sections of my collection, I opened this book and got a shock of my life  the coins had turned almost black                  

I had no choice but to go against my beliefs and clean them the value got slashed.

However I had no choice but to again put them in a book because storing 120 of them was going to be expensive any other way.  One criteria was I had to make sure that there is no future deterioration

So I came up with this idea, I cut rectangles of tissue paper  wrapped these coins in them and then put them into the PVC pockets of the book  this makes sure that there is no more contact between the PVC sheet and the coin and hopefully the PVC poisoning in future will not happen again


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Stay Safe

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